IIEX New Speaker Award Winner

The IIEX conference just wrapped, and I'm quite pleased to report that my presentation on VISUAL Storytelling was a big hit. So big, in fact, that I won the New Speaker Award! Talk about a fabulous first week officially in business.

I passed out a one-page cheat sheet after the presentation. Here it is if you didn't get one before we ran out.


Copies of my presentation will be available from Greenbook in a few weeks. And look for a blog post from me on Greenbook and a webinar with WIRE in the near future.

If you haven't checked out IIEX, you need to. There are so many amazing people, impressive technologies, and great presentations. It's truly the best conference out there if you want to know what is going on in market research now and for the future. Also, if you've never spoken at a conference, get in touch with Annie Pettit. She is always looking for new speakers (PS - She is a rock star).

#IIEX #storytelling #datavisualization #visualstorytelling #WIRE #AnniePettitRocks

#IIEX #Speaking #conferences